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I believe that even though we do not know each other, you and I are connected. I believe that we are all part of a Grand Design; in fact, I like to say that “WE are UNI-PHIED”.

This Grand or Uni-PHI-ed Design can actually be proven utilizing a simple mathematical ratio (Phi, 1.618). For thousands of years, the greatest minds across all disciplines of study including math, science, architecture, the arts, music, design and psychology have marveled at it and employed it. From humanity’s humblest beginnings to the present day, no other formula has inspired thinkers as much as this one, whose numerous names include the Golden Mean, Phi, Golden Ratio, Golden Section, Golden Proportion and Divine Proportion.

What makes the PHI ratio so significant is that it can be found in literally everything on Earth and in the cosmos.

Science of Love utilizes Scientific Principals with Spiritual Laws so that you can experience yourself as the best possible you!  I know what it’s like to feel lost inside your life but I can assure you that the path to your Higher Self lies right in front of you. All that is required from you is your commitment to see the path and to start walking it! If you allow me and Science of Love to assist you in Creating your personal SOL Adventure, I can assure you it will be filled with transformation, awakening, joy and abundance.

I was a less than mediocre student who never had an interest in math or science, who suddenly, on a course of global travel, discovered that a special type of geometry – often referred to as Sacred Geometry – had been used to Create all of the ancient wonders of the world.

While sitting in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, I had an experience that I refer to as my “awakening”. While sitting in meditation, I entered into a state of BE-ing in which I felt myself connected to every one and every thing in the Universe. It was as though a new me was birthed at that moment, removing all sense of separation I had previously felt.

Since then, throughout my travels and to what I now call “Wave Activations™” an abundance of information has continued to pour through me, awakening me into higher states of consciousness in which I feel ever more deeply connected to every one and every thing in the Universe. This Self, my Higher Self, is the aspect of Self inside you and each of us that is tapped into Universal Intelligence or Divine Spirit at all times. When we are in alignment with our Higher Self we shift our lives from the perspective of “things to DO” to a “loving allowance” of creating our life in conjunction with our Higher Self or Universal Intelligence.

I am passionate about sharing with you the transformational power of what I have learned, dear Fellow Traveler, I wish to share with you how to connect on a moment to moment basis with that which you are surrounded by – the Wave, or what I refer to as “Wave Consciousness™”. Wave Consciousness™ is the scientific principle of how light (or Creation) travels from one place to another in an harmonious Universal flow.

I desire to excite and invigorate you as well as myself, to tap into our potential and to see clearly the magical and mystical that surrounds and permeates us at all times. I have learned how to use science, math, Wave Activations™, food, nature and adventure to awaken my Soul. I look forward to sharing my insights with you.

We are Creators of our own reality.  Within us exists unlimited potential and intelligence.  My vision is that we all connect to our Creative power as awakened BEings so that we may forge a new reality upon the Earth where Heaven and Earth is experienced as one.

Each day, I will bring you awareness as to how Science, Spirit, Art and You are interconnected and how to BEcome the best possible you in this, your chosen lifetime!

In Service To Y-our Soul,



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