The 528 Frequency

The 528 frequency is the frequency of the Heart Center.  The 528 frequency resonates with the Heart Center which is the capacitor for Creation, Love to be expressed in the physical world.  This heart expanding frequency is found all throughout the Universe and the natural world right here on Earth.

The 528 frequency is light vibrating at a certain speed and this vibrating light powerfully harmonizes with the human body. The 528 frequency can heal damaged DNA strands.  528 frequency Creates healing, peace and an expanded energetic field so you can experience a deeper connection to the Unified Field or the Central tone of BEing…

Listen to the frequency while activating Wave Consciousness™. You will experience a sense of peace and calm. I have integrated the 528 frequency into our wave consciousness music . . . as did the Beatles, John Lennon, and many other iconic recordings artists throughout history.


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