About Aaron

“You don’t need to travel to take a journey.

Live your life like an Awakened Adventure.”

Aaron’s PHI-losophy: “We are all part of a Grand Design. We are uniPHIed,” is based on the PHI ratio, the most beloved ratio in all of mathematics . . . the ratio whose numerical value can be found in literally everything in the Universe. Aaron has spent decades translating the PHI ratio into a workable life PHI-losophy, which he shares with an international audience through his retreats and programs and in his upcoming book, The Science of Love.

Aaron’s world travels led to a personal transformation that he refers to as his “awakening.” In 1997, in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Aaron held the Divine in his heart with such love that he experienced everything and everyone as connected. Since then, he has dedicated himself to daily Wave Activation™, awakened food, spiritual growth, and adventure as a means by which to deepen his connection with the Divine.

Aaron is an entrepreneur, author, food visionary, musician, global adventurer, teacher, and humanitarian. He is the owner of Golden Mean Natural Foods, a popular Los Angeles restaurant that serves conscious cuisine, and the founder of The Science of Love, where Aaron humbly shares his experiences, knowledge, and insights about defining one’s BEing. Aaron is a co-owner of the White Spring Cottage that sits atop the Sacred White Spring and is part of the White Spring Restoration Project in Glastonbury, U.K. Aaron’s vision is to dissolve the illusion of separation so that you may gently deepen your uniPHIed connection to Self, the world, each other, and the Divine every day.

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