B39T0748The Science of Love

We are living in a powerful age. We have more information, technology, medicine and science to help us live longer and better lives than any previous generation, yet we are not necessarily happier. In fact, studies conducted throughout the world indicate that we are less happy than our parents and grandparents.

I understand what it feels like to be unhappy and alone. I know what it feels like to be trapped in a life that does not inspire or uplift. If you are feeling uninspired, disconnected from your life, unhappy, unhealthy, stressed or out of balance, I deeply get it… I SEE YOU. I KNOW WHO AND WHAT YOU TRULY ARE!

Over the past 18 years, I have developed an integrated approach to living that has helped me to become inspired, happy and abundant in conscious awareness, spirit, health, happy life experiences and love. I call this The Science of Love. I have shared The Science of Love through writing and by speaking to groups of people all over the world. I have witnessed how this information has empowered them. Now, I want to share The Science of Love with YOU.

There are many people claiming they have discovered the “way” for you to become rich, successful, and happy. I will never make such claims. I can claim, however, that from my experience and the experience of others who have used The Science of Love, and from the information I have gathered based on the approach I have developed, I can demonstrate an organic pattern that will assist you in your Soul’s unfolding and your expansion into your authentic Self. Which is love.

The more I have practiced what I refer to as “loving allowance” in my life, the deeper my internal peace becomes. I wish this for you and for everyone.

The Science of Love is about becoming a whole person and was created for my own expansion, which in turn, may assist in yours.

“BEing” love has been my ticket to freedom, and I know that it can be your ticket to freedom, too. Through love, you will experience a connection to all that is and you will learn to allow all of like to flow to and through you. This state brings a deep sense of peace and harmony. Living in this state of love or “loving allowance” will give you the ability to create your life in accordance with your Soul’s Highest purpose, or Life Design.

  • -Freedom to experience yourself as a unique expression of the Divine
  • -Freedom to experience fulfillment
  • -Freedom to live the most exciting life you could ever hope for


To unlock your personal freedom is to live life in deep joy and harmony with everything around you.

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I look forward to our Adventure together!

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