The Who, What, Where, When, How . . . RU?

We have all kicked the proverbial can down the road knowing one day there will be so many cans we won’t be able to move forward until we decide to pick them up and recycle or “transform” them.

All of us at one time or another have procrastinated about changing a career,relationship or finding a new place to live, or connecting to our spiritual “presence.” I can safely say NOW this is Y- OUR TIME!

The cans have piled up and this is your opportunity to re-Create your life beyond your greatest dreams!

I came to a point in my life where I was forced to just “stop.” I had gotten caught up in a frenetic pace of just surviving to pay the bills that I had never taken the time to take “stock and inventory” of my life and ask MYSELF sobering questions.

This is one way you can begin a new dialogue with Self…ask yourself the following:

1.Who are you? Are you a giving individual? Are you a loyal friend? Are you someone who wishes to be of service to yourself and others? Who is it that inspires you and why? Who is it that you wish to BEcome?

2.What are you? Are you just a composition of atoms,electrons and protons? Are you just a worker bee? What are you wanting to change that will transform your life? What are you wanting your life to represent about you?

3.Where are you? Where are you living? Where are you wanting to move towards? Where are you coming from? Where are you going? Where are you believing there is lack,scarcity,fear,resistance,excellence,feeling joy?

4.When are you ready to change? Now or never? When are you going to release the relationships,work,environment,thought forms,beliefs that no longer serve your Highest Self? Now or never? When are you going to take ownership or responsibility for your life as a Creative adventure? When are you going to embrace the truth of YOU! When are you going to let go and surrender into the mystery where the joy of your “presence” resides?

5.How are you responding to these questions? How are you feeling? How are you going to commit to that which your Soul is longing for? How are you nurturing yourself? How are you betraying yourself?

These are not only great questions but essential questions if you wish to move forward in your life. When we choose to pick up our can we not only clean up our physical environment but our emotional spiritual environments as well because they are all connected!

Everything in our entire Universe is in a constant state of change. When we resist the inevitable (change) we Create pain, resistance and fear. This resistance will keep us “stuck” in a life that sends us down a drain rather than into a “flow” which can be filled with power, joy, happiness,peace, abundance and BEing…Love…

Until Next Time!

About the Author
The Science of Love utilizes Scientific Principals with Spiritual Laws so that you can experience yourself as the best possible you in this your chosen lifetime! I know what it's like to feel lost inside your life but I can assure you that the path to your Higher Self lies right in front of you. All that is required from you is your commitment to see the path and to start walking it! If you allow me and The Science of Love to assist you in your SOL Adventure we can get you putting one foot in front of the other so that we may all stand tall upon the path of awakening together!

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